Extreme Translation Ltd provides language logistics solutions with added value for ICT companies and other technically oriented businesses.

Creative solutions for your language needs

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you launch your products and services on the Finnish market? Are you struggling with translation quality issues? Would you like to find someone to take care of your Finnish customer communications, including letters, emails, and website and social media updates? We are here to help you. Based in Finland, we know the Finnish market, the people, the language, and the way of life intimately, which gives you, our customer, a great advantage.

Your mission is our mission

You might want to find new customers, enhance your brand image, or open up a new market by launching your services, products, or website in Finland. We take your goals seriously and offer our expertise to help you reach them. Further, if you would like to learn the basics of how to operate on the Finnish market, see our "Doing Business in Finland" workshop.

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